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Last updated: October 4th 2016
This glorious week we have a fresh new Amy Brooke video just for you. Amy called on another one of her friends for a nice and wild strap-on fuck. They take turns in slamming each other’s pussies with the strap-on, as not to leave the other’s pussy uncared for. Hope you enjoy it just as much as Amy enjoyed penetrating her friend’s wet holes. Also we hope that you remember the scene where Amy got to fuck one of her female buddies with the strap on. Today she does the same thing to her buddy’s delight, but in addition to the strap on she ahs another toy.

She tells her straight out that she intends to fuck her tight pussy fast and hard, for one thing. And then she tells her that she’s also going to be receiving a double fuck with her dildo too. Well that was only good news to her buddy and so they got started. Watch sexy Amy as she fucks her friend’s sweet ass with her strap on dildo and then see her insert her dildo in her pussy as well. So you get to see her female buddy getting a nice and hard double fuck from the blonde’s big toys today. Enjoy it and check out the rest of the sexy blonde’s galleries everyone!


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Amy Brooke – Hardcore Threesome

Horny slut Amy Brooke found herself in the middle of another threesome fucking. She and her friend are complete naturals at taking cock in her mouths. This guy got more than he bargained for, when the girls went straight for his cock. See Amy and her friend taking turns on this lucky guy’s cock. They ride him to absolute exhaustion. But not to say that that’s a bad thing. He should consider himself lucky to get to fuck to beautiful women such as these. The whole thing started with Amy getting in the mood for some more hard core action,and so she called two of her fuck buddies. A guy and a gal,and the two ladies like we said would give the guy a run for his money this day.


Like she does with her other female friends, you can see the two ladies as they gang up on the dude’s big dick. and then, watch them sucking him off for some nice treats. But the real show stars as soon as one of the ladies starts to ride his cock. And Amy climbs on top of his face with her pussy as she wants to be pleased too. And as the dude does his best to orally please one of them and the other with his cock, Amy tells him that they’d give him a fucking so hard he won’t walk straight afterwards. So enjoy these two fucking this dude like crazy and see their big and round tits covered in his jizz at the end of it all. We hope that you enjoyed it everyone. Also you might visit the site and see another beauty showing off her impressive cock sucking skills!

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Amy Brooke Interracial

We caught up to Amy this week in a hotel room doing some very nasty amy brooke interracial sex scenes. The guys invited her over for a drink, buy you know Amy, she’s always looking for more cock to stuff into her pussy. Eventually it was time to see if our lively amy brooke was up to the task of working some hard cocks for the night. Why don’t you hop over to and see her have her wet holes filled with enormous cocks. She sure knows how to party. The guys sure didn’t mind her energetic nature , and let their loads blow all over her pretty face.

As you know, this horny woman is always in love with big cocks. And who else packs big cocks than big black dudes. Today she got two of them back to her place as she intended to have their cock all to herself today. Watch her strip and see her sucking both dude’s cocks to get them hard. Afterwards, she continues to suck off one dude while the other gets to fuck her tight ass fast and hard. After that the guys go for a nice double fucking with her as she gets her ass and pussy fucked by their huge cocks. So sit back and watch this sexy woman moan in pleasure of the fucking that she gets today! Also you might enter the site and see some hot babes getting nailed!


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Amy Brooke Cumshot Surprise

For this special update we have a very fresh Amy Brooke cumshot surprise gallery for everyone. See Amy take a pussy pounding and be surprised as the dude releases his massive load into her pussy, for the greatest cream pie ever seen. She managed to get her hands on this dude at a local night club and she was more than happy to give him a run for his money as she’d get around to ride his big cock. And she’s going to give him a nice and thorough fuck for this afternoon as she presents him with her cunt. Rest assured that the naughty blonde didn’t have too much work to do ahead of her as she got the guy to come back home with her tonight!


Sit back and watch this show start with the two as the sexy blonde locks the door tightly behind her. She wants to make sure that she won’t be disturbed fucking this lucky guy’s brains out today. They didn’t even make it to her bedroom as the sexy lady just started to take his clothes off until she revealed his cock, and then you get to see her sucking and slurping on his cock with a passion. You can tell that she wants that cock now. Watch her then spread her legs and see her tight pussy worked hard and fast. Then the guy fucks her ass hard style too but when he is about to blow he tried to pull out. But this naughty blonde wanted all of his jizz to be released in her tight ass.

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Rough Punishment

Hey there! For this fuck session Amy Brooke decided to try something new, namely some very hot bondage experiences. She had her friend initiate her in this new experience. So she left herself be bonded , and put her pussy and  ass forth for some hard core punishment. You can be sure that today Amy just found out out about her new favorite fetish. Well to be honest she was always curious about BDSM, and since her female buddy that’s an expert in such things is back in town she decided to give her a call. Sure enough that sexy lady couldn’t miss the opportunity to teach her buddy a lesson or two in the realm of hard style sex and BDSM and so she came over.


She even brought along her plethora of sex toys and collection of bondage stuff as well. Sure enough your resident sexy and sexy hungry woman was simply turned on by just seeing them and she couldn’t wait for her scene with the other woman to start. She got bound to a big thing with the ass presented in a nice pose that was just begging to be penetrated. And her buddy wastes no time in doing just that as she pulls out some nice and big anal toys that she intends to use on Amy’s ass. Watch the naughty blonde getting her ass thoroughly worked by a metal toy and enjoy the update everyone. As always we hope you liked it and we’ll be back next time with more! Also you might watch Femjoy Ashley scene if you wanna see another gorgeous babes showing off their pussies!

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Amy Brooke pictures

Home alone yet again. But don’t fret Amy Brooke knows how to turn boredom into fun. So for this scene we have her stripping out of her pink tight panties to reveal her luscious forms. Like the saying goes while the cat’s away the mice will play. And you will enjoy Amy playing with her body all alone this time. And you know that she simply adores to please her pussy. Well being alone serving as her excuse to fuck her tight pussy once more with her masterful hands today, let’s see what the naughty blonde has to offer to you guys in her scene today. She also was dressed in a very sexy and cute pink bra and panties set.

And as another fresh week started it was about time for us to deliver one more of her superb scenes to you. She teases and entices you with her naughty and sexy lingerie like she always does, and then she takes off the bra to show those big and round juicy breasts that you all love. After she plays around with them for a bit to tease you some more, she takes off her panties too. And as she does that she starts to rub her sweet pussy too. So sit back and enjoy one more of this sexy lady’s scenes today and check out her past updates as well. We guarantee that you’ll simply adore them. We’ll be seeing you next week with even more of her naughty scenes!


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Amy Brooke Double Penetration

In this new update, Amy decides to to throw a sex party with her friends for an Amy Brooke double penetration session. Even though the other person was a girl very fun times were still had. Her friend Kristine and Amy herself, went straight down for the guy’s cock from the start. They nearly had him blow his load right in the beginning but he hanged in there like a champ. Well even though Amy enjoys having her ass and pussy filled at the same time, and there wasn’t two cocks available she did have a massive dildo around. So don’t wait a minute more, head over to and see the hardcore double penetration she got. Enjoy and let’s see Amy and her friend go to work on that big and hard cock.

The camreas start to roll, and the two cuties go straight for that big and black cock. Watch them giving the dude a nice and memorable blowjob today as they both suck and slurp on the dude’s dick to get him all nice and hard for their holes today. When they’re done with that you get to see the real fucking begin, and miss Amy is the first one to want to take her rough fucking today. Watch her getting herself upside down as the dude inserts his big and black cock in her tight ass. And as he does that, Amy’s friend starts to fuck her pussy with a nice and big dildo as well. So once more the naughty lady takes a hard style double fucking for your enjoyment today! For similar videos, enter the public pickups site and see some cock hungry ladies getting picked up and fucked in public places!


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Playing with her big tits

Amy Brooke is quite a looker. She’s quite happy with her body, being proud of her big round tits, perfect ass and dripping wet pink pussy. For this update she decides to gently massage her huge jugs with stripping out of her clothes. And her clothes were quite sexy. Well they always are for this beauty’s photo shoots, but hey how can you not love this horny woman when she dresses up very slutty just for you. Either way her outfit was composed of a cute top, panties and thigh highs with high heels. They were all black and pink and they made her look absolutely gorgeous today. So let’s not waste anymore time and get her show of the road without further due today!


The cameras start to roll, and this sexy hottie makes her entry to the scene wearing her cute and sexy outfit that we detailed above. As always she goes about doing her naughty little posing session as she undresses for you and shows off her sexy body. Watch her lifting up her shirt and taking off her panties to present you with her big round boobs and her eager and wet pussy. Sit back and watch her massaging and squeezing her big tits and see her rub her pussy as well. we hope you love it and rest assured that there’s more where this came from. Just be sure to not miss her scene next week when she’d be doing some more of her sexual adventures everyone!

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Amy Brooke – Hot lesbian scene

This week Amy Brooke had one of her best friends come over for a few days. She hadn’t seen Ava in quite a while and both were overjoyed to meet again. They hung out for a while, but then they got bored very quickly. So Amy decided to lighten up the mood a bit. She proposed to Ava to have some fun together like they used to. And Ava knew what that meant. Amy wanted them to have some hot lesbian sex to pass the time quicker. Since Ava couldn’t refuse such an offer Amy thought this might be a good idea to test her new strapon on her pussy. So let’s get started and see these two hotties please each other.

Ava was really eager to get it on with miss Amy once more as you can tell. Well for today these two busty matures would be putting on quite a show for you. Watch as the sexy Amy puts the strap on on herself and takes a seat on the chair with Ava remaining to take her seat on top of that dildo. And she does it riding it nicely with her sweet pussy. But this woman isn’t satisfied with just getting her cunt thoroughly worked. She then switches holes as she takes it in her ass as deep as it can go. So enjoy watching Amy giving Ava a nice and hard anal and pussy fucking today with her strap on dildo and enjoy the view everyone. Bye bye!


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Amy Brooke Gallery

Amy finds herself home alone today, getting extremely bored. So she decides to let loose her playful side, as you will see in this Amy Brooke Gallery we have just for you. she stripped out of her tight clothes, bra and panties. And then she started to play softly with her pussy. As she got more turned on Amy Brooke fingered her pussy harder and harder. It was a very pleasing time she had all to herself but she did a great job to spend it revealing her curves to you as always. So let’s get her nice and hot show started this fine day shall we everyone?


But posing isn’t everything she’d to today as we told you before. She’d also get around to please that eager cunt of hers as well,But first things first. You get to watch her strip out of her sexy clothes first as she just loves to be a little cock tease as always. Then as she’s now completely nude and you can see her luscious body, she squats down with her legs spread to start to work on her wet pussy. Watch this sexy woman as she gets around to finger fucking her cunt and see her man in pleasure. Enjoy this scene everyone and make sure you come back next time for more hot and sexy scenes as always!

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